You made it.

Shortcuts are an awesome way to level up your Cut-It experience. All Emphasis levels, formatting utilities, AutoCut options, and more can be fully controlled from shortcuts. We ship Cut-It with these predefined as follows:

  • Ctrl+S to invoke Primary Emphasis

  • Ctrl+Shift+S to invoke Secondary Emphasis

  • Ctrl+Alt+S to invoke Tertiary Emphasis

  • Ctrl+K to Clear Selection Formatting

  • Alt+M to invoke Minimize Selection

  • Ctrl+N to Cut a New Card

  • Ctrl+D to invoke AutoPoll

  • Ctrl+Shift+D to invoke AutoCite

  • Ctrl+Alt+D to invoke AutoPoll and AutoCite

  • Ctrl+P to invoke Export to PDF

  • Ctrl+W to close the app

⌨️ Viewing and Recording Shortcuts

You can check what any shortcut is currently defined as by selecting it from the dropdown and viewing the output.

To record a new shortcut, click the output box (it should receive a blue border) and type in any key combination. The changes will apply on the next restart.

😕 There's... more?

Yes, but no. Nothing in the Miscellaneous section will make using Cut-It faster for you, but everything in the section will make using Cut-It better for you.


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